Q. What do I need to know about my builder?
A. Acquavita Pools and Spas is a licensed builder and registered with the Building Practitioners Board. We maintain current Warranty Insurance to ensure that your pool is insured.  This will give you peace of mind.
Q. What permits do I need and who arranges them?
A. Acquavita Pools and Spas will engage a registered building surveyor to issue the permits.  The surveyor ensures the structural integrity of the pool, oversees all safety issues concerned and ensures that everything meets local council requirements.

Q. How long does it take to build?
A. Most pools are completed in approximately two months depending on access and other factors such as weather conditions
Q. Why a concrete pool over a fibreglass pool?
A. Concrete pools can be installed in any shape to suit any space. You also have many options for the interior including ceramic or glass tiles or pool coatings such as Quartzon which gives you a smooth surface.
Q. What maintenance is involved?
A.  Fully automated pools are virtually maintenance free where water balancing and cleaning is programmed into the pool computer system.  Most pools have an in-floor cleaning system installed which negates the need for manual vacuuming. If no in-floor is installed then there are many types of robotic cleaning devices available. Pool water balancing can be done by the owner or a sample may be taken to your local pool product outlet where they can access your water sample and inform you of your pools needs.